Like pretty much everything these days, I offer online services! I’m aware that we all have different lifestyles, some more hectic than others. With online coaching you will be provided with everything you need via email in order to proceed with your customised program so you can gain excellent results without going out of your way. I will email you all assessment forms and questionnaires where you will tell me about your goals, food preferences, lifestyle and exercise habits. From this I will be able to design your custom plan to fit in with YOUR life. After this assessment and a consultation, I will send you your customised nutrition guide which will include everything you need to know about your plan. From basic nutrition information to help you get to grips with the essentials to good nutrition to meal planning, portion controlling, timing and motivation. All of which are vital components for successfully accomplishing your body composition goals. In addition to this I will also be available to answer any questions which you may have during the course of your program, whenever you want and as often as you need – after all, I am your coach, it is my role to work with you and support you along the way in achieving your goals. Once you are on your way I will check in with you weekly or biweekly to check your progress.

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