My name is Zahra and I’m a qualified Nutrition and Sport Nutrition Coach based in the Brighton & Hove area. I have a BSc in Exercise Nutrition & Health from the University of Central Lancashire and further qualifications in Sport nutrition. I initially became interested in food and nutrition in my late teens after going through several fad diets myself without achieving anything apart from frustration. This is when I realised that the nutrition field holds endless theories but also endless myths and this is what appealed to me. I wanted to discover all the ins and outs about food and nutrition and learn about the flawed science and the quality science. And so I fully understand the struggles, confusion and difficulty when it comes to losing weight and enhancing body composition.

I’m also a keen weight trainer- I train up to 5 days a week and love every minute of it. This is a great passion of mine and ultimately it got me into sport nutrition. So I understand the importance of nutrition in sport - from a health prospective as well as the desire to build a lean muscular physique.

I offer 1-1 nutrition coaching programs online (or in person if you are prefer and are based in the area), focusing on both sport nutrition and general nutrition for anyone who wants to enhance their body composition or overall health. Whether it’s to lose weight, shape up, increase lean muscle mass or just improve eating habits and food choices to feel healthier, happier and gain confidence. I use sustainable strategies and realistic approaches, using science, not fad diets or undesirable mundane dieting based on your specific goals and needs to get you where you want to be.

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